How HomeLight identifies top real estate agents

HomeLight is a free service that analyzes data from millions of real estate transactions to determine the top-performing real estate agents in every area.

HomeLight uses a five-step process to identify the best agent for you:
1. You indicate your unique real estate objectives.
Take a short quiz to indicate your real estate goals, including your property type, timeframe, area in which you are buying or selling, and your budget or target selling price.
2. HomeLight sorts agent profiles in real time using real transaction data.

HomeLight's system sorts through a database of over 30 million transactions, 2 million agents, and 200,000 brokerages to find real estate agents who specialize in your type of real estate transaction

The database considers real estate agent data including, but not limited to:

  • Objective Agent Performance Data
  • Your Inputs and Individual Needs
  • Local Real Estate Market Conditions
3. HomeLight provides up to three agent matches.
Our system immediately matches your key factors with real estate agents who have a proven track record with similar transactions. We send the top agent profiles to the email addresses you provide.
4. HomeLight calls to walk you through your agent matches.
A HomeLight representative will contact you to walk you through your agent matches and refine the criteria as needed to ensure we're providing the best agent matches for your specific needs.
5. HomeLight connects you with the agents you wish to speak with.
After you've reviewed your agent matches, HomeLight will help you schedule interviews with the agents you'd like to meet in person.