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Top Grantsburg Real Estate Agents

In Grantsburg, no matter what real estate needs you have, you’ll need one of the best real estate agents to get you the price you want. There are a total of 75 real estate agents active in Grantsburg, but the top real estate agents in the area are proven to get better outcomes for their clients.

According to real estate transaction data analysis, the top 5% of seller’s agents in Grantsburg, on average, sell homes for $4,580 more money than the average Grantsburg real estate agent.

Find your top agent  out of the 75 real estate agents active in Grantsburg. 
How We Find Top Agents in Grantsburg

U.S. News has partnered with HomeLight to use actual real estate sales data to compare the performance of real estate agents and Realtors® across the United States. For Grantsburg, we analyzed real estate data including, but not limited to: how many properties the real estate agents have worked with, how quickly they’ve sold or bought properties for their clients and how much money they’ve earned or saved their clients.

U.S. News’ Find an Agent tool identifies your individual needs, maps your needs to an advanced real estate database, and then connects you with the most qualified real estate agents for you in Grantsburg. Your top real estate agent and RealtorⓇ recommendations are unbiased: Agents can't pay for placement and your matches are based solely on how the agents handled properties like yours in the past. Agents are compared to all other agents in the area on key performance indicators like transaction volume, listings, days on market, sale price to list price ratio, property type expertise, and other relevant data points in their transaction histories. To learn more about HomeLight's real estate database and algorithm visit How We Identify Top Real Estate Agents.

Finding Your Top Agent
How HomeLight identifies your top agent:
  • Objective Agent Performance Data
  • Your Inputs and Individual Needs
  • Local Real Estate Market Conditions
HomeLight's Matching Engine incorporates 20+ quantitative and qualitative data points to identify the top-performing agents in your city for your specific criteria.
When you find Top Real Estate Agents in Grantsburg through U.S. News, we will email you up to three top real estate agents we've identified that meet your criteria, as well as call you to learn more about your real estate needs. We will share with you these real estate agents' past transactions, areas of expertise, and reviews from past clients. Then you can ultimately decide which real estate agent best suits your needs.
Top Agents
Name Recent Transactions Avg Price
Deb H.
Coldwell Banker Lakeside Realty
313 $75,000 - $378,000
Jean L.
Keller Wiiliams Integrity WI/MN
86 $105,000 - $309,000
Melissa J.
Century 21 Affiliated
299 $47,500 - $290,000
Candi M.
Era Muske Company Real Estate
117 $94,000 - $264,000
Marcy B.
Era Parkside Realty
105 $70,000 - $365,000
Wendy P.
ERA Parkside Realty
34 $84,000 - $226,600
Victor S.
Edina Realty
35 $98,000 - $455,000
Joanne G.
Property Executives Realty LLC
27 $112,500 - $351,500
Top Agents as of 24 Sep, 2019
Recent Transactions are the agent’s total number of transactions
across the past three years.
Top Agents
Deb H.
Coldwell Banker Lakeside Realty
Recent transactions 313
Avg. price range $75,000 - $378,000
Jean L.
Keller Wiiliams Integrity WI/MN
Recent transactions 86
Avg. price range $105,000 - $309,000
Melissa J.
Century 21 Affiliated
Recent transactions 299
Avg. price range $47,500 - $290,000
Candi M.
Era Muske Company Real Estate
Recent transactions 117
Avg. price range $94,000 - $264,000
Marcy B.
Era Parkside Realty
Recent transactions 105
Avg. price range $70,000 - $365,000
Wendy P.
ERA Parkside Realty
Recent transactions 34
Avg. price range $84,000 - $226,600
Victor S.
Edina Realty
Recent transactions 35
Avg. price range $98,000 - $455,000
Joanne G.
Property Executives Realty LLC
Recent transactions 27
Avg. price range $112,500 - $351,500
Top Agents as of 24 Sep, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When should I hire a real estate agent in Grantsburg?

    It all depends on the current state of the Grantsburg real estate market, but we recommend speaking to a real estate agent as soon as you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the area, which may be anywhere from three to nine months before you want to move.

  • What questions should I ask when interviewing Grantsburg real estate agents?

    It’s important to understand a potential real estate agent’s experience and expertise. Some essential questions to ask when interviewing real estate agents are:

    - How many homes have you sold/closed in the last 6 months?
    - Can you provide me with referrals?
    - What is your marketing and/or negotiation strategy?
    - Do you work with a team?
    - How many days, on average, do your listings take to sell?

    Any real estate agent that can’t answer one of these questions should raise a red flag.

  • Do the recommended real estate agents work for U.S. News?

    No. The Grantsburg real estate agents in this list were selected based on objective performance data and are not affiliated with U.S. News.

Grantsburg's Real Estate Market Snapshot

In the past 12 months, the price of homes sold in Grantsburg ranged between $12,500 and $428,500. Last year, 66 homes were sold while median home prices increased by 3.68%. Grantsburg properties typically sell for 86.92% of the list price. The average Grantsburg house stays on the market for 124 days.

Annual sales rate


Median Days on Market


Price Range

$12,500 - $428,500

How Much is Your Grantsburg Home Worth?
When it comes time to sell your home, you will want to know how much your home in Grantsburg is worth. U.S. News’ Home Value Estimator tool, powered by HomeLight, uses information from multiple sources to create a real-time home value estimate based on current market trends. When you request your home value estimate, you will also see real estate agents in San Francisco who have the best record selling homes like yours and your Simple Sale™ price - in case you’d rather sell your home to an all-cash buyer in HomeLight’s Simple Sale™ network.
Grantsburg, WI Residential Real Estate
Grantsburg has a population of 1,236 people in 3.0 square miles. There are 581 households in the city, 63% of which are families. If you move to Grantsburg, you can generally expect to commute to work between minutes.

City Area

3.0 Sq. miles

City Population








Homes Occupied


Age of Population
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