What kind of jobs are there in Fayetteville, AR?

Education is a major sector of Fayetteville's economy; the University of Arkansas and the Fayetteville School District are some of the area's largest employers.

While many who reside in Fayetteville work in higher education in some way, Northwest Arkansas serves as the base of operations for three of Arkansas' six Fortune 500 companies: Walmart, Tyson Foods Inc. and J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Other companies have established operations in the region to be closer to these giants of commerce, providing residents with a bevy of manufacturing, distribution and sales opportunities.

Fayetteville's unemployment rate is lower than the national average; however, so is the average annual salary. 

Job Market Index

Index Score: 6.9 /10

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Fayetteville has a healthier job market than similarly sized metro areas.

Average Annual Salary



Unemployment Rate 2019

of people are without a job

1.1% lower than national average

Unemployment Rate Over Time

Data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.