What kind of jobs are there in Los Angeles, CA?

With its constantly shifting demographics, the economics of Los Angeles are hard to pin down. While creative professionals are everywhere, most people who work in the arts also participate in other sectors of the economy by keeping manufacturing, business and hospitality day jobs. Nonetheless, the Los Angeles "creative economy," which includes museums, theaters, entertainment, fashion and design, accounts for more than 300,000 jobs, representing many of the Angelenos who consider themselves freelancers or entrepreneurs.

New salaried jobs, especially in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry and other creative professions, are hard to come by, leading to an unemployment rate that's slightly higher than the national average. But entertainment isn't the largest industry in the town where it's simply known as "the industry." Within the county of Los Angeles, industries with the biggest employment sectors include trade, transportation and utilities; manufacturing; professional and business services; and the government. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which include passenger and cargo terminals, are the busiest in the U.S.

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Los Angeles has a less healthy job market than similarly sized metro areas.

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