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Crime rate can be one of the deciding factors of where families settle down. Based on the metro areas’ murder and property crime rates per 100,000 people, determined by FBI crime reports, these are the most dangerous places to live in the United States.

For more information on how we rank, read the Best Places to Live methodology.

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San Juan, PR

badge #1 in Most Dangerous Places

Formally established in 1521, San Juan is the oldest continuously occupied European-settled metropolitan area within U.S. jurisdictio… more

  • 3.2 Overall Score
  • 2.8 Quality of Life
  • 2.5 Value

Baton Rouge, LA

badge #2 in Most Dangerous Places

Baton Rouge, the ever-expanding capital of Louisiana, increasingly absorbs the flavor of New Orleans without adopting the bustle of a… more

  • 6.0 Overall Score
  • 4.5 Quality of Life
  • 8.0 Value

Memphis, TN

badge #3 in Most Dangerous Places

Set in the Mississippi Delta, Memphis is a metro area where the energy of urban living melds with the slow rhythms of the rural South… more

  • 5.6 Overall Score
  • 4.6 Quality of Life
  • 6.3 Value

New Orleans, LA

badge #4 in Most Dangerous Places

In the midst of a post-Hurricane Katrina renaissance, New Orleans charms visitors and locals alike with its music, diverse cuisine an… more

  • 5.7 Overall Score
  • 4.8 Quality of Life
  • 5.4 Value

Mobile, AL

badge #5 in Most Dangerous Places

This laid-back waterfront metropolitan area often feels like a mini New Orleans, complete with a Mardi Gras tradition, historic neigh… more

  • 5.5 Overall Score
  • 4.7 Quality of Life
  • 6.3 Value

Shreveport, LA

badge #6 in Most Dangerous Places

The identity of Shreveport, Louisiana, unlike New Orleans, is not rooted in Cajun-Creole traditions, but in a blended Southern cultur… more

  • 5.4 Overall Score
  • 5.2 Quality of Life
  • 6.4 Value

Baltimore, MD

badge #7 in Most Dangerous Places

Baltimore doesn't have as many famous tourist attractions as nearby metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, and r… more

  • 6.1 Overall Score
  • 5.3 Quality of Life
  • 6.6 Value

Little Rock, AR

badge #8 in Most Dangerous Places

You may know Little Rock, Arkansas, as the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Presidential Library. Or perhaps you know… more

  • 6.3 Overall Score
  • 5.6 Quality of Life
  • 7.7 Value

St. Louis, MO

badge #9 in Most Dangerous Places

St. Louis is a historic metro area of 2.8 million with a family-friendly reputation and tight-knit communities. St. Louisans are loya… more

  • 6.3 Overall Score
  • 5.4 Quality of Life
  • 7.7 Value

Anchorage, AK

badge #10 in Most Dangerous Places

Anchorage is a place where outdoor adventures and modern amenities work in tandem. Founded in 1914, the young, thriving, culturally r… more

  • 6.5 Overall Score
  • 6.2 Quality of Life
  • 7.1 Value
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