Las Vegas’ housing market can be daunting for newcomers. Homebuyers must navigate the metro area's many neighborhoods and its growing inventory of homes, which includes new developments and older, recently renovated properties that reflect the city's unique history.

For tips on finding the area that's right for you, U.S. News spoke with some of the top real estate agents in Las Vegas. They recommend you consider these hidden-gem neighborhoods as you hunt for a house in Sin City.

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Located in nearby Henderson, Nevada, Inspirada is a planned community that offers homes from five different builders.

According to Rick Brenkus of the Brenkus Team at Keller Williams Realty the Marketplace, the appeal of Inspirada is easy to see. "They've got swimming pools, they've got baseball diamonds, parks, lots of well-maintained, high-end green belts that are really attractive to families and anyone who enjoys the outdoors," he explains.

Additionally, Inspirada puts residents close to shopping options, as well as Las Vegas' McCarron International Airport and major highways like Interstate 215.

Scotch 80s

As popular as new homes are in the Las Vegas area, not everyone is looking for a brand-new property. For those seeking an older "project home" with an old-school Las Vegas vibe, the Scotch 80s is an option worth exploring.

"People who want to do their own design may not want to build their own home from start to finish, but they want a house they can get in and work on as they live in it," says Jim Brooks of The Brooks Team at Realty One Group.

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At the same time, the Scotch 80s boasts a convenient location. "The other value is that it's pretty much in the center of town and blocks from our big county hospital, UMC [University Medical Center of Southern Nevada], so that would be attractive to doctors and medical professionals," Brooks says.

A short commute to work isn't the only potential advantage of living in the Scotch 80s neighborhood. Residents here are also close to the entertainment and dining options that abound in downtown Las Vegas and the Strip.

Mountain's Edge

A planned community located in the outer southwestern suburbs of the Las Vegas Valley, Mountain's Edge offers buyers a family-friendly vibe and great values. "The further you go from town, you can get newer homes, and the prices seem much more affordable," Brooks says.

Mountain's Edge features parks and trail systems, and it is adorned with eco-friendly desert landscaping. One of the community's highlights is the 80-acre Exploration Peak Park, which features a splash pad and a playground for kids.

When residents need a break from the outdoors, they don't have to venture far. The community is a 20-minute drive from the bright lights of the Strip.


Cadence is another planned community located on the southeastern side of the Valley in Henderson. The neighborhood features plenty of open space (including a 50-acre central park), a free bike-share program and a community pool.

Buyers seeking a new home with a modern floor plan will want to give Cadence a look. Plus, the community strikes a balance between price and location: It's close to the Henderson Bird Preserve, Clark County Museum and the city's Heritage Park sports complex, and provides residents easy access to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

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"It's a little bit outside of town, so the prices are more attractive. And for the outdoor enthusiasts, you're halfway to Lake Mead," Brooks says.

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