How the New Tax Law Will Affect Homeowners

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 4, 2018

Could the changes to mortgage interest rate and property tax deductions make you want to sell your home?

What Airbnb Means for Your Mortgage

Susan Johnston Taylor | Dec. 20, 2017

Using a spare room or your house as a rental? Consider the impact on your mortgage or refinance.

5 Reasons Owning a House Isn't as Good as Cash in the Bank

Maryalene LaPonsie | Nov. 10, 2017

Think you're financially set because you own a house? Think again.

You Finally Paid Off Your Mortgage. What Now?

Geoff Williams | Nov. 7, 2017

Before you do your dance of joy, there are few more steps you need to take.

Time to Consider an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

Geoff Williams | Oct. 27, 2017

Maybe. ARMs have a better reputation than they used to.

7 Tips to Close Your Mortgage Faster

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 4, 2017

Be ready with financial information and ask questions immediately to avoid delays.

Protecting Your Property: Scams That Put Homebuyers and Homeowners in Danger

Devon Thorsby | Sept. 7, 2017

Educate yourself to avoid becoming the victim of predators who are after the money meant for your home.

How Technology Plays a Part in Getting a Mortgage Today

Devon Thorsby | July 12, 2017

Working with a lender while you buy a home is becoming more automatic and safer than ever before.

Want a Home Equity Loan? You May Have Trouble Qualifying

Teresa Mears | June 15, 2017

Americans are taking out fewer home equity lines of credit – some due to choice, others because they're unable.

You Can Buy a House With Little or Nothing Down. Should You?

Teresa Mears | April 20, 2017

Whether a minimal down payment is wise option may depend on your overall financial situation.

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