How to Find a Room for Rent

Geoff Williams | Jan. 29, 2019

If you're relocating or you have poor credit, subletting a room can be a smart financial move.

The Best Places to Live in the U.S. for Young Professionals

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 25, 2019

These places offer the job market, affordability and reputation recent grads are looking for.

How to Break Your Apartment Lease

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 18, 2019

Five options for you to end your rental contract before time is up.

7 Ways to Make Moving In Together a Success

Devon Thorsby | Nov. 30, 2018

How to navigate splitting chores, paring down belongings and your significant other's bad taste in decor.

Priced Out: Options When Your Neighborhood Is No Longer Affordable

Devon Thorsby | Nov. 14, 2018

Fight being forced from your community by becoming a more active member in it.

7 Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 11, 2018

Know what protections you have when you and your landlord get into a dispute.

Can You Prevent Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Packages?

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 5, 2018

How to keep your online orders from falling into thieves' hands.

Why Your Airbnb Listing May be Illegal and What You Can Do About It

Maryalene LaPonsie | Aug. 31, 2018

Before renting out your home to earn extra income, brush up on the local rental laws and rules.

Landlord Raising the Rent? Here Are Your Options

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 31, 2018

How to leverage your bargaining power with your landlord – and know when to start looking to move.

What to Do When Your Rental Is Vacant

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 17, 2018

Be ready with a contingency plan to help get tenants back in your rental.

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