7 Ways to Make Moving In Together a Success

Devon Thorsby | Nov. 30, 2018

How to navigate splitting chores, paring down belongings and your significant other's bad taste in decor.

Priced Out: Options When Your Neighborhood Is No Longer Affordable

Devon Thorsby | Nov. 14, 2018

Fight being forced from your community by becoming a more active member in it.

7 Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 11, 2018

Know what protections you have when you and your landlord get into a dispute.

Can You Prevent Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Packages?

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 5, 2018

How to keep your online orders from falling into thieves' hands.

Why Your Airbnb Listing May be Illegal and What You Can Do About It

Maryalene LaPonsie | Aug. 31, 2018

Before renting out your home to earn extra income, brush up on the local rental laws and rules.

Landlord Raising the Rent? Here Are Your Options

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 31, 2018

How to leverage your bargaining power with your landlord – and know when to start looking to move.

What to Do When Your Rental Is Vacant

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 17, 2018

Be ready with a contingency plan to help get tenants back in your rental.

What Is an Efficiency Apartment?

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 15, 2018

Understand the different layouts while apartment-shopping, and decide whether an efficiency unit is right for you.

Does Your State Have Fair Eviction Laws?

Devon Thorsby | June 1, 2018

See which states offer ample notice to vacate, and which ones take the case to court right away.

Talking to Your Landlord About Your Pet or Service Animal

Devon Thorsby | May 23, 2018

What you need to know about bringing an assistance animal or companion pet into your apartment.

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