5 Reasons to Embrace the Winter Home-Selling Season

Devon Thorsby | Oct. 17, 2018

Throw the idea that you have to wait until spring to sell your home out the window.

6 Signs the Buyer or Seller You're Working With Is a Flake

Geoff Williams | Oct. 12, 2018

Learn how to spot the clues that a homebuyer or seller is about to pull out at the last minute.

Can You Actually Turn a Profit Flipping Homes in Today's Market?

Devon Thorsby | Sept. 7, 2018

What you need to know before jumping into the real estate rehab game.

What's the Difference Between Your Home's Market and Assessed Value?

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 29, 2018

The monetary value of your home can vary widely based on the purpose of the appraisal.

The Guide to Understanding Your Home Value

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 9, 2018

The science behind calculating the value of your home and what it means for your home's sale price.

Why Downsizing Could Actually Upsize Your Bills

Maryalene LaPonsie | Aug. 9, 2018

There are plenty of good reasons to move into a smaller home. Saving money isn't always one of them.

How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Devon Thorsby | July 25, 2018

Getting buyers to fall in love with your house requires more work than you may think.

The Guide to Selling Your Home

Devon Thorsby | July 11, 2018

From the point you decide to move to the closing table, here's what you need to know about selling your home.

Is Your House Too Big for You?

Devon Thorsby | June 27, 2018

How to tell if you actually need that McMansion – and what to do next.

How to Prepare for Potential Disasters While Your House Is on the Market

Devon Thorsby | May 16, 2018

Get your house ready for sale while also protecting your property from bad weather and theft.

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