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The Ultimate Guide to REITs

Coryanne Hicks, Paulina Likos | May 29, 2020

From what a REIT is to how it invests, here's how to make money from these real estate vehicles.

How Will a Recession Affect the Housing Market?

Devon Thorsby | May 28, 2020

Are we in a recession? Here's a look at how the pandemic will affect the housing market.

What to Know Before Moving to Miami

Devon Thorsby | May 26, 2020

Beyond the sunny weather and beaches, Miami offers residents global business opportunities and multicultural attractions.

7 Best Apartment REITs to Own for a Rental Market Slump

Rebecca Lake | May 22, 2020

These select apartment REITs could prove stable in a declining rental market.

What You Should Know About Moving to Florida

Devon Thorsby | May 21, 2020

Whether you're aiming for South Beach or the Panhandle, there are a few things you should know before making Florida your new home.

6 Things to Consider When Taking A Virtual Home Tour

Wendy Arriz | May 20, 2020

Before you buy a home based on a virtual tour, think about the details you still don't know.

How to Buy a House

Devon Thorsby | May 19, 2020

Follow these steps to get you through the process of buying a home.

Home Renovation Comparison: How Much Will Your Remodel Cost?

Devon Thorsby | May 14, 2020

Before you tackle too many projects, figure out what home improvements your budget can accommodate.

What It's Like to Buy (and Sell) a House During the Pandemic

Frank Nieto | May 14, 2020

Social distancing and quarantines changed, but didn't cancel, the homebuying and selling process for one homeowner.

How to Get Out of a Timeshare

Molly McCluskey | May 14, 2020

From working with the developer to gifting it to a friend, here's how to safely exit your timeshare contract.

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