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What's That Smell in My House?

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 29, 2020

Figure out the likely causes of unpleasant smells in your home.

Should You Move to Lower Your Real Estate Taxes?

Steven Gottlieb | Jan. 29, 2020

A rising property tax bill may have you considering moving somewhere new. Consider these three things before making the change.

The Best Free Interior Design Apps

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 27, 2020

These apps help you brainstorm, budget and plan your next renovation or room design.

6 Simple Ideas for Your Home Office

Deanna Haas | Jan. 24, 2020

Here's a list of tips for designing your home office, maximizing productivity and getting more work done while you're working from home.

What You Should Know About Tenant Rights

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 23, 2020

Know what protections you have when you and your landlord get into a dispute.

How to Save on Hardwood Flooring Costs

Geoff Williams | Jan. 22, 2020

Consider these tips and tools to save on expensive hardwood costs.

9 Basement Renovations on a Budget

Devon Thorsby | Jan. 21, 2020

Make your underground space a little more welcoming without going beyond your budget.

Can You Buy a Second Home With a VA Loan?

Dawn Papandrea | Jan. 21, 2020

You can use a VA loan for a second home, but don't count on buying vacation or investment property with one.

A Primer on Which Home Updates Are Best for Your Property Value With Real Estate Expert Devon Thorsby

Antonio Barbera, Devon Thorsby | Jan. 20, 2020

Some updates are worth the investment when you sell. Others are only worth what you get out of them.

The Week Ahead: Snapshots of the Economy

Mike Stritch | Jan. 18, 2020

A few data releases are expected during the short week.

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