The Best Places to Live on the West Coast in 2019

Devon Thorsby | Aug. 7, 2019

Discover metro areas near the Pacific Ocean that offer residents the most.

10 Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

Teresa Mears, Devon Thorsby | Aug. 2, 2019

Consider these low-cost ways to sell a home fast by attracting buyers with great photos, fresh curb appeal and social media buzz.

The 25 Best Places to Find a Job in the U.S. in 2019

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These metro areas have the strongest job markets in the country.

How to Get Tiny House Financing

Ben Luthi | July 31, 2019

Tiny homes can be simple, but tiny house financing may not be.

5 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Robin Kencel | July 30, 2019

Keep an eye out for these details in the homebuying process to keep the right mindset and avoid buyer's remorse.

5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate Without Much Money

Miranda Marquit | July 29, 2019

Investing in real estate is one way to increase your wealth over time.

The Best Places to Live in the U.S. for Singles in 2019

Devon Thorsby | July 25, 2019

These metro areas offer affordable, enviable living for people who are looking to make a move solo.

What to Expect When Buying a Home From an iBuyer

Dima Williams | July 25, 2019

Eventually, iBuyers become iSellers. Here's what homebuyers should know before making a deal.

Why 'Days on Market' is a Key Metric When Selling a House

Deanna Haas | July 24, 2019

What’s really measured by days on market, and the implications this figure has for homebuyers and sellers alike.

What Is Earnest Money When Buying a Home?

Rebecca Lake | July 23, 2019

Paying earnest money is an important step in homebuying.

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